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Since 1997 Mr. Steemer Cleaning & Restoration. Proudly Serving The Entire South Florida, Dade County | Broward County | Palm Beach County. 800-380-6965

Air Duct Cleaning

    Mr Steemer offers a reliable and affordable air duct/dryer vent cleaning services in South Florida. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped in order to clean any air duct system or dryer vent. We recommend professionally cleaning your duct at least once a year in order to avoid bacteria and germs. Our air duct cleaning crew is fully experienced and well prepared to do a perfect cleaning for your ac/hvac system

    Weather you are moving in / out, need some maintenance, haven’t cleaned your duct or vents in a while and would like them to be in the best condition available we advise you to call one of our experts today - 800-380-6965

    When feeling under the weather or your A/C is not functioning at its best Mr. Steemer Air Duct Cleaners for immediate cleaning & inspection. In order for us to eliminate the problem as early as possible, We are standing by to accomplish and remove any mold/mildew incident and growth. 800-380-6965


Carpet Care

Carpet CleaningCarpet_Cleaning.html
Carpet RemovalCarpet_Removal.html

Area Rug Care

Rug CleaningRug_Cleaning.html
Rug RestorationRug_Restoration.html

Furniture Care

Upholstery CleaningUpholstry_Cleaning.html
Mattress CleaningMattress_Cleaning.html

AC & Duct Care

Air Duct Cleaning
Dryer Vent CleaningDryer_Vent_Cleaning.html

Water Damage Restoration

Flood RestorationFlood_Restoration.html
Mold & RemediationMold_%26_Remediation.html

Additional Services

Pet Stain/Ordor RemovalPet_Stain.html
Scotchgard &ProtectionScotchgard_%26_Protection.html
Deodorizing & SanatizingDeodorizing_%26_Sanatizing.html
Drapery / Curtain CleaningDrapery_%26_Curtain_Cleaning.html

Miami Dade     Broward     Palm Beach

MD:(305) 767-7397

BR: (954) 612-1517

PB: (561) 449-2996

Miami Dade: (305) 767-7397

Broward: (954) 621-1517

Palm Beach: (561) 449-2996